Berliner Apartment with Japonica Graphic  -Gabriela's room- - Japonica Graphic

Berliner Apartment with Japonica Graphic -Gabriela's room-

Gabriela's room has many art pieces and books about art and is very cosy with modern furniture. She also told us interesting stories from some art books we picked. It was like her room expressed her knowledge and inquiring mind for art. Today, we asked her to pick some prints for her room and tell about the painting from Koson Ohara and Seitei Watanabe she picked and her life in Berlin.

-What's your favourite part of this room?

the couch 🙂


-Do you buy print or art pieces for the interior usually?

usually my prints and artworks are presents and have personal meaning.  


-Please tell me how come you picked this print.

I was about to pick the owl, because I like the associations of wisdom and that they can rotate their neck more than 270°, but when I saw the sparrow illustration I just found it so beautiful. I like birds. They are light, hectic and they can fly. 


-What's your impression of Japanese culture?

I don’t know much about it but I feel that it combines tradition and technological innovation very smoothly. And I like the minimalism!


-How do you spend a day off at home?

Mainly reading, cooking or tidying up. 


-Please tell me what you like about Berlin.

I like to encounter like-minded people who share my multiple interests and the cultural offer.



 "Bird on a flowering branch" Watanabe Seitei

"Owl in Ginko" Ohara Koson

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